What is this?

A Quick description of the First YSYS:

Your Science Your Say is a experimental project where three researchers ‘pitch’ their research via video, and you can then vote on which researcher to fund.  The first pilot project took place over the summer of 2008, and was a part of Ian Brunswick’s MSc in Science Communication at Dublin City University.  The scientist who recieved the most votes got a €4,000 grant to support his/her research and outreach activities.

Participants could vote in two ways:

Either by going to the Science Gallery, and recording a video vote in the YSYS video booth


Submiting a video response on YouTube.

You can see all the votes here on YouTube.

There was also a non-video way to vote at science.ie, where an online poll counted for 15% of the final tally.

The goals of YSYS include:

1. Actively engage the public in determining a bit of the research agenda– something they are often quite removed from.

2. Give scientists a tangible gain for participation in public engagement.

3. Analyze the entire process of research-pitch videos as a pilot to examine successes, challenges and the possibility for larger-scale engagement initiatives.

Special thanks to many people and organisations:
• Award and project funding courtesy of Discover Science and Engineering
• Video equipment donated by Agtel/ Independent Pictures
• Displays loaned by Dublin City University
• Videoboo software and support supplied by Best Before Media

Want more info?  Email me at brunswick – at – gmail dot com


3 comments so far

  1. AudioBoo « Ian There on

    […] all the more eager for a full release of VideoBoo, which I used for my instalation Your Science Your Say, and I imagine will eventualy take a form similar to AudioBoo. […]

  2. Helena Sheehan on


    We want to showcase a few examples of good MSc work on the DCU website. I sent out a call to MSc staff for nominations. This project of yours was nominated. I suggest that we add a link to it where it already is. Ok with you?


    Prof H Sheehan
    Chair, MSc in Science Communication
    Dublin City University

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